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What you will learn

The long-term goal of this online course is to help you increase the number and quality of your publications in scientific journals by providing training in both scientific writing and scientific publishing techniques.

Writing well is necessary but not sufficient.

With 75 video lectures, exercises, and multiple documents useful as help in your future manuscript writing skills

There is a version with the same content, but narrated in Spanish.

  • Draft and structure your manuscript appropriately

  • Avoid publishing in "predatory" journals

  • Peer review process

  • Avoid most common writing errors

  • Rejections, revisions and interact with reviewers and editors

  • Tools for the "dissemination" of published work

  • Novel trends in journals including the use of Artificial Intelligence methods

  • Improve your academic writing

  • Practical examples and exercises

  • and more...

For Academic Researchers

Individual Researchers or Groups

The scientific writing courses can be taken independently by students and researchers, or organized under the support of a Principal Investigator, Department, or School at any Institution.
Scientific writing courses

Also for Scientists in Industry

Professional Development Course

The scientific publishing course can be organized, privately, for a group by the organization or taken individually by the employee seeking reimbursement.
Scientific publishing courses



Visiting Professor and scientific writing instructor with PhD.

I have been teaching scientific publishing courses in multiple Universities. From undergraduate students to faculty members, in basic, medical and applied sciences.

Published more than 30 full-length manuscripts and book chapters in representative indexed journals in English. Extensive experience as author, journal reviewer and editor.

Expertise teaching scientific publishing courses in class settings in multiple countries. Trained scientists at all levels to improve their scientific publishing skills with courses and workshops.

Ample experience

Many previous courses in class in multiple countries

Previous Experience


  • What's the duration of the course?

    There are more than 12 hours of video lessons. But the time to actually follow the content is much longer because you will need to visit websites and do activities.

  • For how long do I have access to the course after I sign up?

    For paid courses, four months (120 days) after purchase or enrollment.
    Students enrolled in free courses have a limited period to access and finalize the course. Inactive accounts are purged periodically.

  • Are these courses only for students?

    No. Any scientist in academic settings or industry that require access to literature or needs to publish will benefit from the course. The online course will improve your science writing skills, to produce better research papers.

  • Can I evaluate the course or access free lessons?

    Yes, there are free preview lessons for paid courses, and also free minicourses.

  • Is this training mainly for natural sciences researchers?

    Yes, the training is mostly for publication in the natural sciences.

  • Is this a self-paced course?

    Yes, this is a completely self-paced, online course that will help you with your publishing skills.

  • Can we set up the training for a group?

    Yes. A professor, department or School can set up the course to be taken by groups of people. Contact us for this option.

  • What is the level of experience necessary to follow the course?

    The course is recommended for any researcher. People with less experience -or who want to get more involved in the publishing process to get ahead of the rest- will benefit more from the course.

    The course is divided into five modules, of interest to varied researchers. See course curriculum in detail.

  • Are there exams or grading? Do you provide certificates?

    No exams or grading.
    Yes, we provide certificates of completion.