What you will learn

The long-term goal of this online course is to help you increase the number and quality of your publications in scientific journals by providing training in both scientific writing and scientific publishing techniques.

Writing well is necessary but not sufficient.

With 75 video lectures, exercises, and multiple documents useful to help you in your future manuscript writing skills

  • Draft and structure your manuscript appropriately

  • Avoid publishing in "predatory" journals

  • Peer review process

  • Avoid most common writing errors

  • Rejections, revisions and interact with reviewers and editors

  • Tools for the "dissemination" of published work

  • Novel trends in journals including the use of Artificial Intelligence methods

  • Improve your academic writing

  • Practical examples and exercises

  • and more...

Divided in five modules

  • Authors and Publishers

    Understand authorship, use metrics for authors, analyze why people cite your papers and learn about publishers' business models

  • Journals

    Use to your advantage additional knowledge on journal selection, repositories, avoiding “predatory journals” and copyrights

  • Manuscript writing

    Critically analyze manuscripts and then use that to prepare your own blueprint. Grammar tricks that will prevent most writing errors

  • Publication and review process

    Interact better with reviewers and editors, and write proper response and cover letters, so you can publish faster

  • Dissemination

    Dissemination of your research. Get involved and use new publishing models, tools and applications

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Section 0. Introduction to the course

    • Read this first

    • Introductory video

    • Syllabus

    • Course Content

  • 2

    Section 1. Authors and Publishers

    • Intro to Section 1

    • Section 1 Links

    • Manuscript Authors Overview

    • More about Manuscript Authors

    • Authors: Evaluation and Metrics 1

    • Authors: Evaluation and Metrics 2

    • Authors: Suggested Activity Lesson

    • Authors Exercise: why do people cite my papers?

    • Publishers: Overview

    • Publishers: Business Overview

    • Publishers: Business Models and Revenues

    • Summary of Section 1

    • Section 1 Quiz

  • 3

    Section 2. The Journals

    • Intro to Section 2

    • Section 2 Links

    • Journals' Metrics Lecture 1

    • Journals' Metrics Lecture 2

    • Search for your Journal: Overview

    • Search for your Journal: How and Where

    • Manuscript Submission Preparation

    • Manuscript Submission Workflow - Overview

    • Manuscript Submission Workflow - Recommendations

    • Journal Search Comparison Exercise

    • Open Access and Copyrights Lecture 1

    • Open Access and Copyrights Lecture 2

    • Reuse and Self-Archive

    • Self-Archive and Sharing Exercise

    • Get Access to "Free" Articles

    • Deciding Where NOT to Publish - Intro 1

    • Deciding Where NOT to Publish - Intro 2

    • Deciding Where NOT to Publish - Warning Signs 1

    • Deciding Where NOT to Publish - Warning Signs 2

    • Summary of Section 2

    • Section 2 Quiz

  • 4

    Section 3. The Manuscript

    • Intro to Section 3

    • Section 3 Links

    • The Manuscript - Intro

    • Reading Papers Effectively

    • Annotated Paper Lecture

    • Simple Blueprint

    • The Title

    • The Abstract

    • The Introduction and Methods

    • The Results

    • Splitting Results and Reproducibility Problems

    • The Discussion

    • Other Sections

    • Writing Recommendations

    • Writing Recommendations pdf

    • Common Writing Errors

    • Common writing errors pdf

    • Summary Section 3

    • Section 3 Quiz

  • 5

    Section 4. The Review Process

    • Intro to Section 4

    • Section 4 Links

    • Scientific Industry Participants - The Editors

    • Models of peer review

    • Cover Letter

    • Selecting Reviewers

    • Rejections, Resubmissions and Withdrawals

    • The Response Letter

    • The Response Letter - Example

    • Becoming and Acting as Reviewer

    • How do you do a review?. Analyzing the Paper

    • Research Misconduct

    • Retractions and Erratum

    • Review Process Activity

    • Who Evaluates the Reviewers?

    • Summary Section 4

    • Section 4 Quiz

  • 6

    Section 5. The Dissemination of Your Research

    • Intro to Section 5

    • Section 5 Links

    • Introduction to Research Dissemination

    • Data Repositories and Peer Review Credit

    • Preprints

    • Publishing in High-Impact Journals

    • Publishing in High-Impact Journals - Methods Part 1

    • Publishing in High-Impact Journals Methods Part 2

    • Dissemination - Other Apps

    • Dissemination - Additional Apps

    • Future Aspects of Scientific Manuscript Publishing

  • 7

    Summary and Recommendations

    • Final Comments

    • Before you go...Survey



Visiting Professor and scientific writing instructor with PhD.

I have been teaching scientific publishing courses in multiple Universities. From undergraduate students to faculty members, in basic, medical and applied sciences.

Published more than 30 full-length manuscripts and book chapters in representative indexed journals in English. Extensive experience as author, journal reviewer and editor.

Expertise teaching scientific publishing courses in class settings in multiple countries. Trained scientists at all levels to improve their scientific publishing skills with courses and workshops.


5 star rating

Indeed, worth taking the course

Ahmed Ausman

It was beneficial to me; This course has well-structured content, it guides to have a complete view of how to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper, and it al...

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It was beneficial to me; This course has well-structured content, it guides to have a complete view of how to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper, and it also shares useful tips on how to get a paper well-organized and published in high-impact journal. I hope it will help all researchers who are intensively working on to publish scientific papers in high impact factor journals. I highly recommend this course to everyone. Thank you for creating and bringing this course

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