Marketers and Educational Agents

As seen in our LinkedIn post and as listed at Affiliate Program DB

For promotion of our courses, we are looking for the following: affiliates and brokers.

Our course is exclusively targeted to the scientific community, from students in STEM to advanced researchers, including postdocs and faculty members.

We offer good commission-based contracts and brokerage models. 

Examples of individuals or organizations that are a good fit are:

  • independent educational agents
  • study abroad organizations or agents that can promote to students going abroad
  • inbound marketers with contacts inside Universities in selected countries 
  • affiliate marketers in the Higher-Edu sector

If interested,  please contact below, with organization name, website, country and basic experience as educational agent or marketer in the Higher Education market.

Please provide LinkedIn profile when contacting. Thank you.

About our affiliate program

Our program is listed at Affiliate Program DB. The Affiliate Program Database (APDB) is an affiliate marketing directory.

You can check the information there. You can share the affiliate program with other people interested in promoting our courses.